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SAIL around the world in 80 pages
Scheduled well before end 2016, you can preorder your copy of the book at the special discount price of US$ 15.00 (excl. postage).

Or, go directly to resources for WATER -an artproject


All images and texts used in this project -collected from the internet (Wikipedia), books, musea and institutions- are in one large file resources.html and on this Pinterest account.

This web-page is enormous, meaning it will take considerable time to load especially the first time you open it, please be patient.


This large and unique collection is published because of its educational importance. All efforts have been taken to give credit to all copyright holders and to provide links to the original sources used and to related material. Regarding ‘Public Domain‘ and ‘Creative Commons‘, I followed the guidelines given.

However, in such a large collection there will be mistakes made and for a number of images it is difficult to determine the original source. Those images are included because of their importance in telling a complete story and relevance to others. I would appreciate your help in corrections and additions.

Only a part of these resources is used in the book: “SAIL -in 80 Pages around the World”. Pictures and texts in the book are linked directly to resources.html via numbers.

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