30f 2014 TRAVEL JOURNAL -Skeleton Coast, (Namibia)

Namibia has designated its entire coastline a national park.

Skeleton Coast, Namibia, Robert Schilder
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“A rather threatening concept… associating the entire coastline with a skeletal formation. This was not done unknowingly though. The Namibian Bushman are said to have called the coastline ‘the land God made in anger’. Similarly, the Portuguese explorers referred to it as the ‘Gates of Hell’.
As Namibian citizens, we all know our little stretch of the Atlantic is not to be taken lightly.
With the cold Benguela current running so close to our coastline, pushing the cold air into the arid heat of our Namib Desert, what else can we expect? It is perfectly unique and therefore perfectly translates into pristinely Namibia”.
text: Bernd Grahl www.gndwana-collection.com

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