Doggerland was an area of land, now submerged beneath the southern North Sea, that connected Britain to mainland Europe. It was flooded by rising sea levels around 6500–6200 BC. Geological surveys have suggested that it stretched from where Britain’s east coast now is to the present-day Netherlands, western coast of Germany, and peninsula of Jutland.”

074 2015 TRAVEL JOURNAL -Doggerland

“The Europe that was ..
At the end of the last ice age, Britain formed the northwestern corner of an icy continent. Warming climate exposed a vast continental shelf for humans to inhabit. Further warming and rising seas gradually flooded low-lying lands. Some 8,200 years ago, a catastrophic release of water from a North American glacial lake and a tsunami from a submarine landslide off Norway inundated whatever remained of Doggerland”

New set of islands built in the North Sea to connect UK with Europe and the rest of the world via high-speed rail network. Doggerland map
link: Reclaiming Doggerland doggerland.net

©: William E. McNulty and Jerome N. Cookson, NGM staff. Sources: Simon Fitch and Vincent Gaffney, University of Birmingham UK, North Sea Paleolandscapes Project.

NB: ‘dogger’ refers to a certain type of fishing boat

074a 2015 TRAVEL JOURNAL -Doggersland & North Sea Drainage II

North Sea Drainage ProjectNorth Sea Drainage ProjectNorth Sea Drainage Project to Increase Area of Europe
Huge dam towers 90 feet above the North Sea to form artificial coastline. (by comparison: the Dutch famous ‘Afsluitdijk’ is 35 feet high …)
If the extensive schemes for the drainage of the North Sea are carried out according to the plan illustrated above, which was conceived by a group of eminent English scientists, 100,000 square miles would be added to the overcrowded continents of Europe. the reclaimed land will be walled in with enormous dykes, similar tot he Netherlands Dykes, to protect it from the sea and the various rivers flowing into the North Sea will have their courses diverted to different outlets by means of canals.
©: Modern Mechanics nov. 1930

ENVIRONMENT: ‘Giant dam enclosing North Sea’
Giant dams enclosing North Sea could protect millions from rising waters
Dams between Scotland, Norway, France and England ‘a possible solution’ to problem
the Guardian 12.02.2020

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