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This large and unique collection of resources is published because of its educational importance. All efforts have been taken to give credit to all copyright holders and to provide links to the original sources used and to related material. Regarding ‘Public Domain‘ and ‘Creative Commons‘, I followed the guidelines given.

'Discovery of the Magellan Sea', Theodor de Bry 1594
115 – ‘Discovery of the Magellan Sea’, Theodor de Bry 1594
However, in such a large collection there will be mistakes made and for a number of images it is difficult to determine the original source. Those images are included because of their importance in telling a complete story and relevance to others. I would appreciate your help in corrections and additions.

Only a part of these resources is used in the book: “SAIL -in 80 Pages around the World”. Pictures and texts in the book are linked directly to resources.html via numbers.

Please find below links to articles (valid 25-04-2016) dealing with copyright, musea, Public Domain, Fair Use Policy, using pictures from the internet and laws and regulations in various countries.

When you would like to comment or add, please let me know and I will put your addition below:

  • “After Bridgeman: Copyright, Museums, and Public Domain Works of Art”, by Robin J. Allan
  • “The Right to Display Public Domain Images”, an introduction to copyright terms and a discussion of Bridgeman vs Corel

  • court decision here: BRIDGEMAN ART LIBRARY, LTD. v. COREL CORP., 36 F. Supp. 2d 191 (S.D.N.Y. 1999):
  • Must You Pay to Use Photos of Public Domain Artworks? No, Says a Legal Expert

  • Petri, G., (2014). The Public Domain vs. the Museum: The Limits of Copyright and Reproductions of Two-dimensional Works of Art. Journal of Conservation and Museum Studies. 12(1), p.Art. 8. DOI (with extensive reference list)
  • When you are interested in the future of copyright, this will be an interesting website:
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